…AND if they are NOT facing the same DIRECTION, there will be a TUG-OF WAR happening in your life where NOTHING flows easily!

As I have planted the seeds to GROW my own NLP business, I have noticed mini PANICK attacks each time I see a seed beautifully SPROUT. What the HECK! This is GREAT news, yet WHY is my pulse suddenly QUICKENING and my stomach doing FLIPS as if I’m being sent to the PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE at the mere mention of GOOD news!
Obviously there is an INNER CONFLICT happening. AHA! Its time to do NLP “PARTS INTEGRATION”, to get my UNCONSCIOUS self CONGRUENT with my CONSCIOUS self.
In a nutshell, the two aspects of my SELF need to UNDERSTAND each other and reach a COMMON INTENTION to work towards. I may need to first isolate and REFRAME any existing unconscious FEAR based beliefs BEFORE moving on with this, but at least I now have DIRECTION. NLP is a highly INTUITIVE ARTFORM and not just a literal modeling of specific techniques.
What UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS do you have, that are fighting with the CONSCIOUS CHOICES you are TRYING to make in your life? Do your find that SOMEHOW you end up SABOTAGING your own efforts?
These are signs that all of your BELIEFS are not ALIGNED with each other. Try communicating with both sides, come to an agreement, and move towards that COMMON GOAL.
If you find yourself still STUCK in a game of TUG-OF-WAR that is DRAINING your ENERGY, CALL ME, NLP can definitely help!


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