NLP Based Life Coaching

…because the world needs your unique gifts, and the time to unlock them is NOW.


"The blend of these two individually powerful healing modalities creates a synergy which is much greater than the sum of its parts."

Life Coaching uses powerful STRATEGIES and QUESTIONS that focus your attention towards the infinite resources you already have within you. YOU are the EXPERT in your own life, and when the right QUESTIONS are posed in the right MOMENTS, a wealth of WISDOM surfaces for you to harvest.

NLP techniques work BENEATH the level of CONSCIOUS thought, where 90% of our actions and reactions operate from. The UNCONSCIOUS mind is where we find our unique MAP of the world, encoded with many ASSUMPTIONS and LIMITING beliefs that may no longer be serving us. NLP targets the false TRUTHS holding us back from EXPERIENCING ALIGNMENT with our DESIRED REALITY!

"Behind every problem, there's a question trying to ask itself.

Behind every question, there's an answer trying to reveal itself.

Behind every answer, there's an action trying to take place.

And behind every action, there's a way of life trying to be born. . ."

– Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

How Does Mel Work?

I can (1)

I will PARTNER with you and HOLD a high-vibrational SPACE for you to INCUBATE your highest dreams, and desires. Together we will DISCOVER and ACTIVATE your unique inner MOTIVATORS that INSPIRE you into action. (Life Coaching and NLP - Meta Programs) We will use PHYSICAL and MENTAL NLP techniques that speak directly to your unconscious internal programming to create FAST, EFFECTIVE, PERMANENT change that you have been WANTING in your life.

Four Great Ways to get an NLP Fix:

1. WORKSHOP: If you are local to Winnipeg, attend one of my High Energy Workshops. See my EVENTS page.

2. ARRANGE an EVENT yourself! I am happy to create an NLP workshop / Party at your own location that suits your own group’s specific needs and interests. Contact me to discuss the unlimited possibilities of FUN and TRANSFORMATION!

3. SKYPE SESSION: Near or Far, dressed in P.J’s or your comfy best, I can work with you wherever you are. (as long as you have a computer and are connected to the internet….if you haven’t used SKYPE before…not to worry, I’ll guide you through it.)

4. ONE on ONE Intensive: I can work with you in person at my home office where you can take a break from it all and make CHANGE happen!

Together we will ALIGN your UNCONSCIOUS with your CONSCIOUS desires so that they become a TEAM pulling in the SAME direction!


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What specific life issues can NLP help me with?

It would be EASIER to identify issues that NLP based Life Coaching CAN’T help you with, but I haven’t FOUND any of those just yet! SO...Here are a few of my SPECIALTIES:

  • PAIN (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual)
  • Anxiety / Phobias / Fear / Anger
  • Repeating Life Patterns
  • Unconscious Limiting Beliefs
  • Installing new programming to become the best YOU possible.
  • Creating and Living the Life You Really Want!

Is this you?

  • confusedIs your life STUCK in-between gears, not moving forward with ENERGY and JOY?
  • Have you tried MANIFESTING a new reality, but NOTHING new happens?
  • Do you sometimes ACT or REACT in a way that you CAN’T seem to change?
  • Do you want to live AUTHENTICALLY out loud, instead of hiding your TRUE SELF?
  • Is your body shouting at you in PAIN but you don’t understand what its saying?
  • Is anxiety forcing you to take a back seat in your own life?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence and ability to make the CHANGES you KNOW you need to?
  • Do you have a RECURRING theme in your life that you can’t seem to BREAK FREE from?
  • Do you find yourself saying ‘If only’...?


If you said yes to any of these issues, then let's talk. The KEYS to your new LIFE are just a conversation away!

About Mel

I am an Intuitive, Clairsentient, Empathic healer who is honored to help others expand their lives. I LOVE those who are ready to MANIFEST real CHANGE in their lives, but are simply missing a HIGH ENERGY PARTNER to CO- CREATE their DREAMS with! Together we will make your life SPARKLE!

You can read my full ABOUT page here to get a feel of who I am, my awakening experience, and why I use NLP to help others.

If you are seeking to RENOVATE your life NOW, I KNOW we will form a POWERFUL design team that will CREATE a REALITY much BRIGHTER than you could ‘consciously’ DREAM!

How We Proceed

Click the button below to contact me and I’ll email you about your first complimentary 60 minute one-on-one NLP Life Coaching session with me.

I have created a powerful intention to work with committed, dedicated, and positive people. Therefore, I ask that by saying “YES” to a complimentary session, you are are prepared to take action and be open to working together in a continued co-creative capacity. We will find out what that looks like together during our call and make sure it’s a perfect fit.

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John Tucker"Melanie is magical. She can help clients get on the other side of an idea and look at it anew. Her work is a unique blend of intuition and skill, always refreshing and positive. She helps reframe old thinking and frees up new ideas to blossom." John Tucker ADHD Coach, BA(Ed), BA, MEd, PhD


Watch out!! This Winnipeg woman Melanie Morfitt is going to rock the world with her insightful writings, wit and wisdom!

Jacquie Nagy, Holistic Directions Inc., NLP Trainer, Coach, Speaker.



Tharyn Taylor

I had an NLP session with Mel to help me build self confidence around my skin, face, and acne. Within the session we were able to identify the underlying feelings and then completely and magically shift them! It worked so fast!  I nearly started crying and knew that the change had already happened! Mel has a unique gift of just knowing exactly what to do and say as she guides you through a session. She is powerful and gentle at the same time, exactly what I needed to begin shifting my life. I highly recommend Mel for anyone who is looking for healing, change, and clarity.

– Tharyn Taylor

Spiritual Author & Business Coach,


"I don’t understand NLP but it works! I can’t FIND my depression. I used to get tears daily at the drop of a hat, and I haven’t even cried once since the single session I had with Mel last month. My family says I am regaining that twinkle in my eye again, and that I smile a lot more. Something is different, and I like it!"

Mary Ann Schreyer


If you don’t change anything today, what will be different next year?

Together we will CREATE instead of WAIT for your new life of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT!

Take my hand and let's begin