What if you were already PERFECT and COMPLETE!

Last night I decided to use a little NLP on myself. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) I used a technique known as PERCEPTUAL POSITIONS . In my mind’s eye I STEPPED BACK to observe myself as a person outside of myself in what would be called THIRD POSITION. I wanted to get a clearer perception of who this PERSON named Mel Morfitt TRULY is, without my own PERSONALITY getting in the way.

In my mind, I created a WHITE room with myself wearing WHITE clothes, comfortably sitting in a WHITE chair. I didn’t want anything to COLOR my perception of WHO this person REALLY is. I barely created the image, noticing my awareness hovering above the scene, when the KNOWINGNESS HIT me!

I AM the OBSERVER in this scene and I am already PERFECT and COMPLETE! I am the one who can MOVE my AWARENESS into this personality, and ‘ I’ am INFINITELY COMPLETE! The KNOWINGNESS was like a FLASH of LIGHTENING. Today, I still feel the COMPLETENESS reverberating throughout my BONES.

I also fell INSTANTLY in LOVE with the beautifully perfect, less CONSCIOUSLY AWARE being I saw sitting in the chair.
I inherently UNDERSTOOD how the EXPERIENCES that MEL has, are COMPLEX and perfect and DELICIOUSLY intermeshed with all of the STORYLINES of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING around her.

Life is perfect and COMPLETE already! We are simply experiencing DIFFERENT expressions and PERMUTATIONS of the GRANDEST order as we power down to a more limited perspective.

Try STEPPING back to look at your SELF from a different perspective. YOU are NOT the PERSON, but the LIFE FORCE that ANIMATES its form. YOU are already PERFECT and COMPLETE, and are simply CHOOSING To EXPERIENCE but a FRACTION of who you TRULY are!


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