We have TWO choices in life – BOUNCE or BREAK. M.M

Bounce[1].pngMr. Bounce Illustration: Roger Hargreaves

As we come in contact with the IMPACT of life’s CHALLENGES, we can choose to either ABSORB the experience as a GIFT to fully accept and understand when we are ready, or we can remain FIRM in our stance and allow it to SHATTER us into a million pieces. RESILIANCE is a CHOICE. 

What if EVERYTHING in life happens for a REASON– designed and created out of LOVE for our own GROWTH and AWAKENING? If we are STIFF and UNFORGIVING, trapped in the role of VICTIM, we will only shatter upon the impact.  CHANGE is inevitable, SUFFERING is not.






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  • 4highergood

    Reply Reply November 17, 2015

    Becoming more and more resilient as time passes makes life SO MUCH EASIER!
    I feel it’s a process.

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