UNFURL your Life

new sping fern close-up in the forest

new sping fern close-up in the forest

un·furl. [ˌənˈfərl]
1.make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state.

Yep, that’s today’s motto. I will unfurl my life moment by moment. Scary to not know what the unfurled outcome will actually look like….but TRUSTING my HEART and ACTUALLY ACTING on its advice is the new game I signed up for this year.

I have found myself in a flurry of new beginnings these past couple of months. New Marriage, New venture into an NLP business, New 1st time Blog, New skills (painfully acquired…designing and setting up my new NLP website PersonalAccessToHealth.com, …and blog design for Sparkles of Life), New NLP clients,… and a New laptop computer yesterday, with touch screen….and a 3 version upgrade operating system…OH! and now a published Author! Holy Crap! This Blood Red Lunar Eclipse Harvest moon has apparently been kicking my butt WAAAAY more than I realized.

How are YOU doing in the CHANGE department and allowing your life to unfurl.
From THIS perspective, unfurling barely waits for you to get the thought out before it manifests another spactacularlly life changing event. Allow your heart’s desire today to manifest something in the physical by just ‘giving it space’ to stretch into being.
…and share your story with me.
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Mel Morfitt



  • 4highergood

    Reply Reply September 28, 2015

    I love this. How liberating to trust that as you u n f u r l …everything will be just where it should.

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