Sheets of ice on the beach of St. Peter-Ording, Germany

All around us and within us, CHANGE is CONSTANT.  SOLID moves into LIQUID…, THOUGHT moves into FORM… and WE move from UNCONSCIOUS into CONSCIOUS beings. 
Awareness of SELF is a process.  Like an infant discovering the DELICIOUSNESS and WONDER of its own FINGERS and TOES, we TOO, continue to discover extremities and ABILITIES that are a PART of our TOTAL experience.
We experience our SELF as our PHYSICAL bodies, and yet we KNOW there is MORE. 
As our SOLID BELIEFS slowly begin to MELT, we become increasingly AWARE that our TRUE SELF exists AWAKE and aware in another MAGICAL place, that is in a STATE of pure, brilliant, ENERGY.


ALLOW your FROZEN beliefs, to slowly melt and FLOW into new POSSIBILITIES.
TRUST the warmth of KNOWINGNESS within you. 
YOU are EXPONENTIALLY larger and BRIGHTER than your LIMITED mind could POSSIBLY comprehend.  It’s TIME to just GO with the FLOW!


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