Go Ahead, EXPRESS your inner ROAR!


I am an INTROVERT by nature NOT because I am SHY or TIMID, but because until recently I haven’t understood the PURPOSE of the ROAR. In the past, I simply haven’t BOTHERED to share my ‘stuff’.

The NON-MAINSTREAM philosophies of an AWAKENED soul don’t FLOW easily into conversation directly upon the heels of a discussion about the local weather. Even LANGUAGE can become complicated. Many words in the dictionary have a different meaning to someone whom has at least partially AWAKENED to their true SELF. FEAR is a CONCEPT and ILLUSION not a PROTECTOR to honor. US and THEM become a BLENDED color and no longer separate hues. ANGER is an illusion for those who realize that everything happens for a reason, and that YOU are simply a MIRROR of my SELF.

I have thought that because we are ALL a REFLECTION of each other, why BOTHER trying to EXPLAIN anything to the mirror. AHA! But that is exactly the point! If I am hiding, and NOT BEING my TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF, how will the MIRROR of life RELECT all of the TRUTH and BEAUTY that I am?

As you feel the ocean currents moving the DEPTHS of your soul, EXPRESS the experience in a NOTE, a PIROUETTE, a SPLASH of PAINT, a WHISPER, or a ROAR!

Oh! And this is a picture of me with my cat KISMET taken this past summer…who DEFINITELY knows how to ROAR.
20150704 Bill and Mel Morfit 034 (2) Photo by: Barb Lamonica- Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

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  • nrhatch

    Reply Reply October 5, 2015

    Love the shot of you and Kismet! Be happy. Be free. Be you!

    • Mel Morfitt

      Reply Reply October 6, 2015

      Kismet is very certain that he does not like ‘photographers’ in his home. I admire his ability to speak his mind in the moment…and NEVER thinks twice about BEING HIMSELF! LOL Thanks for following me. 🙂

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