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RENOVATE  your  REALITY - for Health, Wealth and Life Fulfillment! Package Plans Listed Below: (single 60 – 90 minute sessions: $150 investment) During your FREE 60 Minute DISCOVERY SESSION #1 we will examine: Your Present REALITY:

  • What is your Life Satisfaction score?
  • What are you Tolerating that is weighing you down?
  • What do you want to: stop doing, do less of, keep doing, do more of or start doing?
  • Uncover your: repeating life patterns, limiting beliefs and assumptions, frustrations, issues in life that you want to transform!

Your GOALS:          

  • Uncover and dissect your goals to reveal your true ‘Motivations’ and ‘Core Desires’ laying beneath them.
  • Discover what conscious and unconscious beliefs are keeping you small.
  • Use NLP and Life Coaching methods to design and enact a personal blueprint that will thrust you forward into a life of fulfillment.


  • On a scale of 1 – 10 How strong is your commitment to your Self to make changes and create the life you want right now?


  • How many areas of your life do you want to renovate right now?

(determining scope of work and budget.)

  • ROOM MAKEOVER – $350
    • Create Crisp, Clean Clarity and Shift of at least one major life issue you have been stuck on!
    • This Discovery call plus 3 more 60 - 90 minute NLP based Coaching sessions in one month.
    • Plenty of session time for a Major Life Breakthrough or two. If you are a quick study, you can accomplish many life changes in this length of time, especially with NLP as a catalyst!
    • Free e-mail support throughout your Makeover.


    • Discover and Renovate the dreariest rooms in your Life! Establish an individualized plan to create internal change and external action that will resolve conflict, resistance, and move you towards relationships that empower you and jobs that invigorate you!
    • This Discovery call plus 6 more 60-90 minute NLP based Coaching sessions in 3 months.
    • Customized Homework between sessions. (to accelerate the renovation process and provide powerful accountability)
    • Free e-mail support throughout your Renovation.


    • You will go from SURVIVING to THRIVING in a Reality Created Consciously by you!
    • You will be using the Renovation P.O.W.E.R. Tools method to sculpt reality into your perfect dream life! After this you WILL write that book, jump into that new career, and forget that life used to be anything less than fabulous!
    • This Discovery call plus 12 more 60 - 90 minute sessions in 6 months.
    • Transformational homework between sessions. (to accelerate the transformational process and provide powerful accountability)
    • Free e-mail support throughout your Transformation.