NOW, In this very moment, we have MANY choices.

• We can choose to be on AUTOPILOT, following the already well worn path, leashed to our UNCONSCIOUS mind.
• We can choose to allow our awareness to travel FAR AHEAD of our own footsteps, or get CAUGHT in the NET OF THE PAST. Either way we miss the ALIVE, BREATHING PRESENT moment where we can BECOME something NEW.
• We can choose to ALLOW FEAR, or JUDGEMENT of an experiences, to COLOUR and TEXTURE the path we walk upon. Here too we miss experiencing the RAW, BARE, exquisite TRUTH that fills EACH present moment.
• OR…We can CHOOSE to ALLOW each moment to bring us our gifts WITHOUT expectation, anticipation or judgment. We can fully experience the pain, sorrow, joy and ALIVENESS that the river of f life INTELLIGENTLY glides under our keel.

CHOOSE to CENTER your vessel in the present moment and TRUST its waters. As we choose to do so, we may just have the presence of mind, to HARVEST THE MIRACLES that ripen in each MOMENT.


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