Are you forgetting to be the WIND ?

Digital Illustration of a Wind Turbine

Digital Illustration of a Wind Turbine

Sometimes it is important to be the WINDMILL, Sometimes it is important to be the WIND.

Although ALLOWING is important in life, you must also remember that some sort of initial FORCE is ALSO required or all of life would be static. SOMETHING needs to kick start INERTIA into motion to begin a new chain reaction of CREATION.

This morning while attempting to ‘ALLOW’ my aching ‘fibromyalgic’ muscles to give into some deep long stretches (to no avail) a new thought came to me. “YOU NEED TO DO THE OPPOSITE”. HUH? What’s the opposite of stretching? I ALWAYS stretch. (and it ALWAYS never really works)

So what is stretching? Stretching is ALLOWING. So the opposite would be “pushback”? “Not exactly, more like STRENGTHENING.” (my innervoice has the patience of a saint with me at times.)

Hmmm? So I revised my mini impromptu-routine so that my tight weak muscles could STRENGTHEN in various held postures, instead of STRETCHING. …and lo and behold…I could FEEL the difference. When my intent was to STRENGTHEN and apply a FORCE instead of just attempting to ALLOW a STRETCH (which was painful and not working anyway) a new energy filled me up with hope.

Although surrendering and allowing are important ingredients in life’s mix, they are important AFTER you have set a catalyst in motion not just by intent, but an actual act in the PHYSICAL sense.

Create the WIND in your life FIRST with an intent that you follow up in a physical act of DOING something. Only THEN is it time to SURRENDER and ALLOW the wind to turn the turbines in your life!



  • 4highergood

    Reply Reply September 30, 2015

    Isometric contraction?

  • 4highergood

    Reply Reply September 30, 2015

    I need to work on my timing of when to be the wind and when to be the windmill 😀 – love your metaphors

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