About Me and You!

Let's CONNECT and RELEASE your magnificence!

If you would like to expand beyond your present limitations, let's ignite that inner spark and find out what brilliant colours you're really made of!

Its all about partnership!       I connect with ALL of who you are, and allow the magic of INTUITION and the skillful marksmanship of NLP to do the rest. The world absolutely ‘needs’ your gifts to brighten our skies!

Continue reading below to learn about my own Awakening and other life experiences.

"A great deal of talent is lost to the
world for want of a little courage."
– Sydney Smith


I get ‘truth-bumps’ whenever I experience someone suddenly ‘shift’ into their power during an NLP Life Coaching session we've shared. My drug of choice is witnessing that ‘aha’ moment suddenly sparkle in someone's eyes when they awaken and own ‘more’ of their authentic awesomeness!

I am a creative, intuitive, passionate healer of people’s lives. Your thoughts truly do create your reality, and I have seen clients change in an INSTANT with NLP coaching techniques.


Life gifted me with a wealth of experiences that I continue to draw from. My childhood and adolescence was punctuated by years of doctor’s appointments and six soul strengthening years of wearing heavy plaster body casts. Childhood Idiopathic Scoliosis eventually culminated in spinal surgery that was nearly fatal when I was 15 years old. I have been widowed twice before the age 44 due to suicide and cancer. I have personally experienced Graves disease, depression, and years of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and pain. My transgender daughter has also brought me new life gifts that I did not see coming. All of these experiences and many more, have allowed me to 'know' my Self and connect deeply with others. I am no stranger to life challenges, but they NEVER knock me down for good!

I thought I had ‘made it’ after I graduated from the faculty of Architecture with my Bachelor of Interior Design Degree and moved out to Toronto to work at a large commercial interior design firm. I married my high school sweetheart, acquired the big house, was raising two beautiful healthy kids….and I was miserable. The depression lead to soul searching and the soul searching lead me to the most impactful moment in my life. I had a life changing, spontaneous Awakening Experience January 16th, 1996 after which I became enamored with Self awareness and conscious awakening.  I have been a seeker, and a receiver and practitioner of numerous complementary and alternative health care modalities spanning three decades.  I am a certified Iridologist, Reiki ll, and Faster EFT practitioner and also now certified in classic code NLP, which knocked my socks off in 2014!

NLP Changed My Life

After NLP touched my own life, I am now a published author in two books, and a super vigilant Ninja warrior of the almighty AHA moments in life. (which I record in my SPARKLES of LIFE blog.) I have experienced NLP change my own and others' lives so dramatically and quickly that it blows my mind and expands my own resolve to share this modality and reach out to others.

I choose NLP based Life Coaching as a means to help facilitate what I ‘really’ do for people. I connect with the BEST all-knowing INCREDIBLE part of you, so that you too have access to connect with that SELF. And as you KNOW your SELF you begin to live your beautiful truth, with new hope and awareness for all of us to benefit from.

YOU matter!

I am in LOVE with NLP techniques that miraculously melt away years of icy barriers, inner voices and unconscious blocks that we use to help keep us small. We are all SO MUCH MORE than what we are presently experiencing!

If you KNOW there is MORE to life than this, your soul has been calling you. Let’s connect and answer that call together. Your gifts are needed in this world and your story is important to me.

Let's team up and accelerate your life in 2017 with NLP!


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In Loving Encouragement and Excited Anticipation, – Mel

I know you have something important to share, and to shift!

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Some of My Creations

At my book signing for
Tapping Into Your Inner Vision

Sharing Real Life 'AHA' moments...one Glimmer at a time.

Why this blog? The truth is that I FINALLY stopped saying NO to my AUTHENTIC Self that apparently ‘NEEDS’ to be heard. (DARN…I hate when SELF trumps FEAR.) I am an enthusiastic searcher of Self truth. I am a Dreamer and Creator of a life worth experiencing….and apparently I too, am now a blogger who will be sharing my personal ‘aha’ moments that sprinkle my days!

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N.E.S.T.  Network Exchange of Skills and Talents

We are working hard on an awesome new tool and Hour for Hour time bank exchange service to help support PRE-Entrepreneurs and those wanting COMMUNITY and MARKETING and KICK-ASS assistance to get your business and your life going!

...and a new book:

RENOVATE your REALITY P.O.W.E.R. tools and Stories for the Spiritually inclined, that will transform your Anxiety, Depression and Random Stuff keeping you small…Into an Authentic Life of Fearlessness and Fulfillment, Ridiculously Fast!  The book is called RENOVATE your REALITY – P.O.W.E.R. Tools and Stories for the spiritually inclined. After spending many years and thousands of dollars on mainstream, and alternative healing modalities, many people still have anxiety, depression and pain. This book gives you the P.O.W.E.R tools you will need to carve out a reality of fulfillment and freedom from these issues, and can often take only minutes! It is informative and intimately relayed from an NLP based Life Coach perspective who has had over two decades of Awakening realizations since her life changing Out-of Body-Experience January 16th, 1996. For those who know there is more to life and are ready to fly, this book shows you how to design, create, wear, and open your new wings into the wind of change with pride!